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Top 6 Fitness Gadgets

Looking to start on a fresh workout schedule? Maybe you are looking for a friend. Oh wait, maybe a gadget can help you out. Here are the six fitness gadgets that are ready to give you a kick-start into your fitness program.

top 6 fitness gadgets

1. The Fitbit Blaze:

The new Fitbit Blaze is equipped with a color touchscreen. The watch alerts you of the calls and texts on its screen. It also includes other features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, and data sharing facilities. The best part is you can see workout ideas, and also control the music from the screen. This gadget is priced at  $200.


2. Under Armour HealthBox

As the name says, it is a healthbox which is aimed to record every aspect of your fitness and health. The set contains a UA Band wrist, UA Heart Rate HRM, and a UA Scale. The wristband measures workout duration, steps count, and intensity. The data from all three wearable devices is synced to an app on mobile via Bluetooth. The whole kit will cost you around $400, but you can buy them separately.


3. Gymwatch Sensor

This is a German engineered product, which is just awesome. It is worn while performing bodyweight exercise, working on machines, and weight lifting exercises. This product detects any incorrect step you do and instantly sends a warning audio. This gadget will cost you around $99.


4. Samsung Family Hub Fridge

This fridge will keep an eye on how long an item is kept inside it, so you don’t have to remember and you will always know about the condition of the item. If you are previously stuffed with Samsung wearables such as Gear Fit then all these gadgets will be in sync with the fridge. The gear fit sends information to the fridge about what you are doing. Imagine you return home after workouts and your fridge prepares a dietary suggestion, how cool is that? Stating its feature, this ain’t a cheap appliance it will cost you $5000. However, it will be with you for years and help you take healthy decisions.

5. Hexoskin Shirt

It was claimed as world’s first biometric smart t-shirt at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), 2016. The t-shirt measures heart rate, breathing rate and you can sync the data with various android and iPhone health related applications. If you don’t have other Hexoskin product, then you can’t buy this t-shirt; along with it, you need to buy relevant hardware pack. The hardware pack encompasses battery pack and USB cable.

6. iFit NordicTrack Escape

I got to say this, this is the world’s coolest treadmill, with the feature that simulates outdoor terrain on a 60-inch 4K OLED TV. You can use google street view to go block by block The four motors inside this machine create the simulations like climb or steep declines of the terrain you have chosen. Obviously, this machine is not a cheap-o-appliance it will cost you around $8000 to $10000.

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