How to Improve Your Hands In Volleyball

How to Improve Your Hands In Volleyball

Volley – Ball requires speed, agility and teamwork. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced players, good players know that it is always possible to improve. Learn which areas of the game can could use a little work to help develop the game, improve their skills, teamwork, and all to defitness.

Volleyball injuries

Finger sprains are among the most common injuries in the Volleyball, according to a study in a 2005 edition published by “Sportverletz Sportschaden” a sports magazine German. In fact , the study found that the finger injury is the 53 percent of complaints volleyball in the relevant topics. If you want to save the numbers during a volleyball game – ball, proper placement, perfect technique and strong hands, you can use your fingers during the game

VolleyballStep 1: Perfect your Volley protect Technical adjustment . It is the volleyball movement ball, of the risk of injury requires the use of the fingers and not much to be desired. If control of the ball, the hands should be about Deson forehead with his index finger and thumb form a triangular shape above the front side are placed each side, Volleyball.com said. by having the ball in contact, all the fingers should the surface, the handle better touch with the ball, the better you can control your direction, according to the magazine Volleyball.

Step 2: Play with a lighter ball softer while working all on the strength of the finger and technology. This avoids injuries during drilling, so you can nail the game your technique before the game. is a recommended drilling of Cus Sally coach in his book “Coaching volleyball successfully.” If you are just starting to decide a ball. If you are more advanced, try a foam ball to use.

Step 3 :Pulls the finger full wall to create the strongest fingers. Endure a foot and a wall only with the fingers against the wall. Slowly lower until his face the wall then almost touching with fingers and the upper body to push your body to its original position. Fill 12-15 reps in practice to strengthen and hands ready during the game.


Step 4 : Press your fingers over the thumb to finger strength and flexibility in their spare time to work. Start with your index fingers and press with your thumb as hard as possible against his strong thumbs. Hold for five seconds and repeat each of the other fingers.

Step 5: Tape your hands if you need additional help finger or hand injury due to a past. Binding – where the last A-Finger Band Finger hurt to another – a way to give your hands extra support during a game, according to the Handbook of Sports and Science, volley – ball Medicine. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the sport and about half of the underside of the fingers of the greatest improvement.

Step 6 : Drill improving ball strength of the hand on your volleyball skills. Facing a wall, and start with a small angle to fly, so that the ball bounces on the wall before it fails. Or try located directly in the air to practice the ability of different angles.


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