How to Avoid Running InjuriesRunning

How to Avoid Running Injuries ?

How to Avoid Running Injuries

An injury can rock your world if you’re a runner. Imagine being a runner for a number of years, or perhaps you’re just starting to get into the groove of things, and being told not to run by your doctor.

Most runners make the mistake of dedicating themselves to only running. They don’t think about doing any other activities until they get sidelines with an injury. Then, they’re forced to do something else to get their cardio, maintain weight, and keep sane. Some of the best cross training involves lots of upper body and core, such as swimming and rowing. Yoga and Pilates could also be viable options. You’ll become a tougher, faster runner, able to utilize your upper body to propel yourself, which takes a lot of stress off your lower body. You should cross train at least twice per week.

Whether you are running to maintain your fitness level, running for a marathon, or simply running for the sheer joy of doing it, you are not immune to the many possible injuries you can obtain in your run every day.

Though most running injuries result because of over training or poor technique, there are also injuries which occur by accident. Just remember that understanding a running injury is essential to effective treatment and fast recovery.

How to Avoid Running Injuries
How to Avoid Running Injuries ?

Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure; it is always better to avoid injuries than treating them so here are five prevention pointers you need to keep in mind every time you put on your running shoes.

1. Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body
Listen to Your Body

You have to pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you have trouble breathing after the first two miles, slow down; if you feel something painful, then stop and see what is making it hurt and change whatever needs to be changed. If you need to rest, then do so. If the pain still lingers, visit a doctor.

2. Gradually Increase Exercise Intensity

Running Injuries

For most runners, it is recommended that you increase your workouts by a maximum of 10% each week. This gradual increase in intensity allows the body to adjust to your workouts. It is also advised that you set aside a recovery week so that your body can mend itself after all the mileage.

3. Good Nutrition, Enough Sleep, and Proper Hydration

knee pain from running Enough rest while getting the nutrients that your body needs are very important in keeping it in tip-top shape. When you are properly rested and nourished, you are able to avoid injuries.

4. Warming Up and Cooling Down

knee pain while runningAs a running enthusiast, you most likely know how significant it is to warm up before the run. Get those muscles warmed up and prepped for long miles. Cooling down is just as important as warming up and you must incorporate cooling down exercises in your daily routine.

5. Use Right The Running Equipment

Running everyday will take its toll on your shoes. Your pair of running shoes is perhaps the single most important equipment you have. You will avoid a lot of injuries by simply doing these recommendations.

Running Equipment
Use Right The Running Equipment

These are simple reminders to help you avoid running injuries and get the most out of every mile you run.

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